A brand new cryptocurrency, Knack Coin, has been released by Must Knack, with its appreciation pegged to 1% of total subscriptions. In exchange for making purchases on the Must Knack website, customers earn Knack Coin, which they can use to make future purchases once it becomes available commercially.

Knack Coin is undergoing pre-sales to build the coin's liquidity, which is anticipated to reach $100,000,000 (One hundred million dollars) upon its closure.

Shortly, Binance, Pancake Swap, and other exchanges will offer Knack Coin for trading.

Knack Coins can be earned by early entry customers on Must Knack who wish to invest in a high-yield cryptocurrency based on items manufactured and stocked by Must After the pre-sale, the Knack Coin value credited to customers upon purchase will be pegged between 1 and 20% of the total value of Must Knack purchases post-presale compared to the 100% value it is currently pegged for early subscribers.

Customers who make purchases on will have the US dollar value of the items they purchased transferred back to them in Knack Coin.

Before now, fashion purchases were one-time investments that depreciate as clothing and fashion items age and fade. With Knack Coin, customers who spend on fashion items can now earn back what they paid in real value money, which they can let grow as more subscribers enroll or which they can exchange for real cash.

From now on, fashion investment will be viewed differently thanks to this revolutionary product.