The Mallet - About Us

The Inspiration

We, the team behind MustKnack™, are a group of young individuals who've had to fight off tough challenges in life - and with a never dying spirit, we strive on - determined never to give up until we hit our goals.

As a team and individuals, we've had to go through the challenging terrain of defining our own goals and facing our demons, with each experience making us more robust and more determined to succeed.

We recognize that many people are going through the same in life. We also acknowledge that the most incredible service we can provide to anyone going through challenges is love and support.

MustKnack roughly interprets "Must Hit." It is a statement of love, determination, support, and hope.

The Mallet - Our Icon

The Mallet is a large hammer with a round head. The Mallet is used to enforce nails or objects into place. The Mallet is a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled or unskilled professional. Whatever you hit the Mallet against - almost usually succumbs to the pressure it brings.

At MustKnack, we adopted the white Mallet on a deep black background as our corporate icon. We use this to demonstrate our will and determination to thrive in whatever dark circumstances we find ourselves in.

The Logo - Our Name


Our logo is a supposedly imperfect unfinished statement with cuts and missing parts, spelling out Must Knack. Our logo shows that while cut and broken in certain aspects, we still form the meaning of the word we represent.

Regardless of the missing parts in our logo, anyone who reads our logo can spell out and pronounce our company name.
While we may be incomplete and broken in certain places, we acknowledge that we are a work in progress but remain true to ourselves.

Brand Inspiration - Our Objective

We adopted our Mallet Icon and seemingly incomplete logo in the hope that it will be a message of hope and inspiration to our customers who may be going through any challenge or on the pathway to achieving their goal(s).

The Journey - Our Goal

At MustKnack, we aim to provide a comfortable backdrop to people out there chasing one dream or the other. Our objective is to inspire people - through any means possible. We hope to achieve this as follows:

  1. In sourcing the most comfortable and price-friendly fabrics that will help us create toned-down designs that our customers will be satisfied with.
  2. To reinforce and help our customers to adopt the message of hope and inspiration in our brand name, corporate icon, and logo.
  3. To develop unique designs crafted in beautiful and comfortable fabrics that work with and not against our customers in their natural habitat.

 The Lorux - Our Patent Pending Fabric Research

Our team of fabric sourcing and fashion designers with a cumulative experience of over 40 years scours every surface to find the suitable fabrics that provide the comfortable bedrock on which we lay the foundation of our designs.

Our recent invention, the bedrock to which we will lay our future designs, is called "The Lorux." The Lorux is an eco-friendly sweat-wicking and quick dry material that provides a comfortable feel against the skin. It supports and blends easily with the joints and muscles to provide seamless movement during workouts or in casual moments running errands.

In the final stages of development, our Lorux-powered outfits will bear the prefix "Lorux" in our product catalog.

Our choice of fabric runs between polyester, cotton, spandex, and other popular textures, which are commercially proven to provide the comfort and support needed for daily activities.

Our Colors

All our collections are a combination of the following unique colors.



Production & Quality Control

Our products are produced from scratch in our production facility in the UAE. Most raw materials are sourced internationally, while quality control checks are conducted to conform with international standards in quality apparel production.